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A handy way to order your goody-bags

Goody-bag form

Bday Hat

Do you have a birthday party coming up? Let us take away the headache of organizing goody-bags, so you can focus on the fun stuff. You can now request goody-bag items online with this form. Please allow two weeks to ensure that we can get everything you need! We’ll ask you what ages will be at the party, if there is a theme, and how much you want to spend. If you have any particular requests, please let us know when we contact you or feel free to call us at 781-239-9955 in Wellesley or 508-653-7600 in Natick! Happy birthday!

Halloween festivities in Wellesley and Natick

Trick or treat!

There are TWO spooky events happening this Saturday to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve. If you live in Wellesley, be sure to join the Halloween Trick or Treat Costume Parade starting at Dorset Tea at 11 am. The parade ends at Clocktower Park  at 1 pm where there will be kids activities by Knucklebones sponsored by Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate and a visit with the Wellesley Fire Department. Bring a bag to collect your treats provided by LittleBits and the Wellesley Hills Merchants along the parade route!

Natick Spooktacular, photo courtesy of Natick Center Associates

Natick Spooktacular, photo courtesy of Natick Center Associates

For Natick residents, there is so much fun happening for the annual SPOOKTACULAR, starting at noon on the Common, that we can barely keep our eyeballs in! At 2:00 p.m. there will be two separate children’s parades winding their way through downtown seeking candy and treats. Stop by LittleBits and collect your treats! We are particularly excited about the Great Pumpkin Squash at 1:30 on the Common. Watch the fire department raise a giant pumpkin to the top of their tallest ladder and see what happens when it falls! There will also be pumpkin decorating, cider, a bookmobile, face painting, and your favorite characters to meet! Oh my ghouls!

The origins of Halloween go back to a tradition of using humour and mockery to address the darker side of life. So make your scariest, funniest, wildest costumes to confront the ghouls and goblins and we hope to see you Saturday to share in the celebration!

Silhouette artist coming to Wellesley

October 1st

Join us in our Wellesley store on October 1st to have your child’s silhouette created by artist Keith Donaldson! Keith’s amazing talent for capturing children’s silhouettes freehand has been featured at Disney for more than the past two decades. These wonderful keepsakes are treasured by families for generations to come. Watch him at work here:

Children from young to old–including the wiggly–are invited to sit for Keith while he cuts their likeness in paper. A silhouette purchase includes TWO matted (mirror image) copies of the silhouette, signed and dated by the artist for $35 per person.

Silhouettes make meaningful, memorable gifts for family members for the holiday season! It’s coming!

Keith will be cutting silhouettes from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm at the Wellesley store. Please e-mail the store at or call the Wellesley store at 781-239-9955 to request an appointment with the artist.

Erik Johnson is returning to LittleBits!


We’re excited to welcome back Erik Johnson, 3rd generation silhouette artist, to LittleBits on Monday, May 5th! Register online or in store for a spot to have your child’s likeness cut in paper. Erik will be at the Natick store from 10 to 1 pm and in Wellesley from 3 to 6 pm. It’s amazing to watch Erik do his delicate work! This classic art form makes for a one-of-a-kind keepsake or gift. Document your children grow through the years!

3 day party this weekend: giveaways and cupcakes!

Natick turns 3!

Our Natick store is turning 3 and we’re having a 3 day party! Join us this weekend: Aug. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th for surprises, gifts, and giveaways! Enter our raffle to win a shopping cart spree, a birthday party at the just opened Colores Kids, gift certificates and more!

Stop by any or all of these days to decorate a birthday hat, eat a cupcake, and pull a prize from the Birthday Basket!

Enter your name into the raffle at our Natick store or online by writing “happy birthday!” on our facebook wall. The drawing will be done Sunday night.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We’re so happy to be a part of the Natick community and we love all of our customers dearly! Finally, we can keep celebrating next Saturday and Sunday (the 10th and 11th) because it is Tax Free Weekend–a gift from the state!

Reminder! Reserve a spot to have your child’s silhouette made

Few spots left!

Silhouette artist, Erik Johnson, has decided to stay an extra hour on Wed. May 7th. Sign up NOW for a spot to have your child’s silhouette made–there are only a few left! Visit our eventbrite page to make a reservation.

Erik Johnson will be at the Natick store on 5/7 from 11am to 6pm. The cost for an original portrait is $25, duplicates are $15, and framing is available. Each session lasts 5 minutes. Watch Mr. Johnson make his art before your eyes!

Events for kids during vacation week

Get in on the fun!

It’s school vacation again and we have fun events all week, starting with Marathon Monday and ending with a book signing on Saturday with the creators of An Octopus Named Mom! Check out the details below.

Mon - Marathon Day. All day. Drop by either store during the race for a free USA pinwheel! Go racers!

Tues - Parachute and Duck-call Making. 2-3pm. Make things soar through the sky and learn the art of duck calls!

Wed - Game Day. All day. Come in and play a game and take it home for 20% off!

Thurs – Story time and Craft w/ Mackenzie. 2-3pm.

Fri - Wooden Train Derby. 11am-12pm. Bring your own train and race for the best time for prizes!

Sat - An Octopus Named Mom Book Signing / Story time. 2-6pm Join us for this very special event with the creators of the new book, An Octopus Named Mom. Meet the authors, hear the tale, and craft octodoodles!

Silhouette artist coming to Natick store, May 7th

Your child's silhouette

We are very excited to have the talented, 3rd generation silhouette artist, Erik Johnson, coming to our Natick store on Tuesday, May 7th from 10am-5pm! Mr. Johnson cuts freehand silhouettes to get an exact likeness of your child. You can reserve an appointment to have your child’s silhouette made at eventbrite. The cost for an original portrait is $25, duplicates are $15, and framing is available. Each session lasts 5 minutes. Watch Mr. Johnson make his art before your eyes!

Silhouettes make incredible keepsakes. They are a unique item to have of your child–from a time past. They are also wonderful gifts.

The Easter bunny is coming…

Easter baskets! $4.99

Easter is this weekend and we can help you put together a basket! We have goodies for the insides and we can wrap it all up for you with beautiful tulle, ribbon, plastic, and an included reusable basket or box for $4.99. Here’s a few tips for what you can stuff it with: plush toys, dessert themed erasers, candy, lego minifigures, pencils, sitcky mosaics, jewelry kits, glitter body tattoos, Easter stickers, puzzles, stomp rockets, bunny books, kids’ CDs and so much more!

New games are rolling in!

Stenzzles Thinkfun

Who says January is dull?
All the new products are rolling in – it’s a very exciting time of year for us. One of our all time favorite companies, Thinkfun, who brought us Rush Hour and Zingo, consistently launches fresh and innovative brain products every year. They also have a special needs section on their website where you can see which games help develop important skills such as: focus & attention, speech & language, social play, and visual.


Here are a few new ones that we’ve got:


Artistic Layering Puzzle
This innovative puzzle challenges players to replicate a colorful image by layering the 8 Stenzzles cards together in the correct order and orientation. To play, select one of 8 challenges and flip, rotate and layer the cards until your stack exactly matches the challenge image. As stylish as it is clever, Stenzzles makes a great gift for adults and kids alike. Collect the family of Stenzzles styles!
• Ages 8 to adult



Combine Different Pieces to Create Equal Shapes
ShapeOmetry™ is a fun way to develop spatial, abstract, and quantitative reasoning skills. To solve the puzzle challenges, stack green pieces on top of blue pieces, or vice versa, to create identical shapes. Through hands-on play,

students build key skills, strategies and mathematical understandings, such as part-to-whole relationships.
• Grades 2-8
• Individual or Partner Play
and congratulations to Thinkfun for their nominations for Toy of the Year Awards for Swish (one of our favorites, too), Zingo Sightwords and Roll and Play